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FTA Warrant Lawyer

FTA Warrant LawyerReceiving a traffic ticket can often feel like a rite of passage. Most drivers, even when they are careful, will eventually receive a traffic ticket. Many times, these tickets are for minor violations and involve just small fines. When a ticket does not appear to be important, it can be easy to forget about it. Forgetting about a ticket can have significant consequences particularly if the ticket requires a court date. If you have received an FTA warrant, our FTA warrant lawyer in Los Angeles can help.

An FTA warrant is a failure to appear warrant. These warrants can result in your arrest. Our FTA warrant attorney in Los Angeles can provide you with the information you need to protect yourself. We will fight for your rights and work to keep you out of jail after you have received an FTA warrant.

Failure to appear warrants are issued immediately after a driver fails to appear on his or her court date. Failing to pay a minor ticket or failing to appear in court for a serious traffic infraction such as a DUI or DWI can result in having a warrant issued. While the police may not come knocking on your door, you run the real risk of being arrested the next time an officer stops you or has reason to run your name. Even if you were not guilty of any infraction at the time of the second stop or you believe you were innocent of the initial infraction, you can still be taken to jail where you will have to wait until you receive a hearing for your case.

FTA Warrant Attorney Los Angeles

It can be easy to forget a ticket or miss a court date, but if you realize that you have, contact our Los Angeles FTA warrant lawyer immediately. We can provide you with options that can keep you out of jail, and we may even be able to clear your FTA warrant from your DMV record.

An FTA is a misdemeanor, and it will appear on your background check. It will remain on your record for several years and until you appear in court. Our Los Angeles FTA warrant attorney can help get your FTA warrant straightened out so that you can again drive worry-free. Give our traffic ticket lawyer in Los Angeles a call today to schedule your consultation.