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Red Light Ticket Lawyer

Red Light Ticket LawyerRunning or rolling through a red light is dangerous. In fact, ignoring or missing traffic signals causes thousands of accidents across the country, and running red lights is responsible for nearly one out of every five fatal collisions. For these reasons, California has instituted heavy penalties for red light tickets. If you have received a red light ticket, our red light ticket lawyer in Los Angeles can help.

Many people who receive a red light ticket never even interacted with a police officer at the time of the alleged offense. This is because many traffic lights are now equipped with cameras that take videos and pictures of possible offenders. These images contain the date and time of the offense, the license plate of the vehicle, the speed and the time at which the light turned red. After the images have been saved, a police officer will review them to determine if a violation occurred. A citation will then be issued within 14 days along with images of the driver and his or her license plate.

Although traffic camera red light tickets can be tough to beat, our red light ticket attorney in Los Angeles reminds drivers that even cameras are not infallible. Computer malfunctions, glitches and other errors can result in triggering the camera at the wrong time while officer errors can result in a wrongly issued ticket.

Red Light Ticket Attorney Los Angeles

If you have received a red light ticket, you may be facing not just stiff fines but also points against your license. This can result in higher insurance rates. Our Los Angeles red light ticket attorney will fight to help you beat these tickets. You may also be able to attend a traffic school program, which will eliminate the points and subsequent increase in insurance.

Pleading guilty and paying the fines may seem like the simplest course of action, but it can have long-lasting repercussions. You may even lose your license if you have accumulated enough points. Before you pay the fine, contact our Los Angeles red light ticket lawyer and schedule a consultation. Our traffic ticket attorney in Los Angeles may be able to not only prevent points from accumulating but may even be able to get the ticket dismissed.