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Speeding Ticket Lawyer

Speeding Ticket LawyerLos Angeles hands out some of the highest numbers or speeding tickets per capita of any major city in California. It may seem as if there is a police officer lying in wait on every corner to catch unwary drivers who have pushed the gas pedal just a little too far over the speed limit. If you have been charged with a speeding ticket under California Vehicle Code 22350, which is basic speed law, or California Vehicle Code 22348, excessive speeding, or any other vehicle code related to speeding, Mr. Ticket, speeding ticket attorney in Los Angeles, can help.

When most California drivers are charged with speeding, they simply pay the ticket and take the points on their license. Drivers should reconsider before they plead guilty, however, because the fines and the points that are attached to the driver's license can add up to a license suspension. Violations of VC 22350 add one point to the license, and violations of VC 22348 add two points, as well as possibly resulting in a license suspension. When a California driver amasses four points on their license within 12 months, six points within 24 months, or eight points within 36 months, they are automatically called for a DMV hearing. During this hearing, the judge will consider the fate of their license.

Speeding Ticket Attorney Los Angeles

Mr. Ticket, speeding ticket lawyer in Los Angeles, has years of experience with the California traffic court system, as well as over ten years of experience with the automotive industry. As a result, he is well versed in the operation of vehicles as well as the evidence that California judges look for when they consider whether to overturn the citation. Mr. Ticket, Los Angeles speeding ticket lawyer, routinely represents drivers in traffic court as well as in DMV hearings, and he has a successful record of helping drivers get their citations dismissed as well as get their fines and penalties knocked down to the minimum allowable by state law.

Call Mr. Ticket, Los Angeles speeding ticket attorney, to schedule a consultation. Mr. Ticket is an experienced Los Angeles traffic ticket attorney, and he can help you defend against your speeding ticket, your DUI charges, and even hit and run charges or FTA warrants. Call today to find out how he can assist you.